Bare necessities such as water, electricity, logistics, lighting, etc need not be an everyday concern for the occupants of a building in today's progressive day and age. These are expected to function smoothly in a well maintained building and supposed to be taken care of automatically, by experts who are present to bring ease to everyday life. We at Vijay Transtech have just those experts. With us you can be rest assured about receiving the best services in areas such as,

Water management systems
Lighting control systems
Electrical systems and lift
Escalators systems
Sun Dlinds
Access Contol
Fire and Safty


CCTV Cameras or video surveillance is now an integral part of any building's security. It demands the latest technology and functionality in order to maintain the needed level of visual security for the safety of a building and its occupants.

It is also important to take scalability into consideration in today's growing world for any kind of security challenge to be met without delay. We understand that it must be an integral part of any system. Therefore, weprovide customers all over India with industry-leading, end-to-end video solutions and components, including cameras, lenses, domes, keyboards, DVRs, IP based cameras, hybrid solutions, video analytical software, etc. We offer complete systems that fit every budget and provide for virtually any type installation, including IT buildings, commercial markets, retail, financial and educational applications.

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In view of the recent threat perceptions, security at public places and the ability to counter act and de-escalate a situation has become top priority. A preventive plan to ensure safety needs to be in place as well as a contingency plan to tackle a situation. Now-a-days many off the shelf security systems are available, but to integrate them into one holistic cohesive system is important.

In planning a new premise it is of utmost important to incorporate as many architectural features as possible to enhance security structurally. All the people involved need to oriented their mindset towards this requirement of creating as secure a premise as possible.

Security can be divided into the following :

Access Control & Guard Tour System
Security Surveillance
Fire Detection and Alarm System, Public Address Evacuation System

We provide entire solution to our clients with the following products to suit their :

security requirements.
CCTV Surveillence system
Access Control System
Access Controlled Boom gates
Door Frame Metal Detector
Hand Held Metal Detector
X Ray Baggage Screening System
Hand Held Trace Detector
Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection Mirrors


A typical home automation system is composed of a set of equipment categorized according to lighting control, home security, climate control, and home entertainment.

Automation of the lighting control helps to conserve energy as the lights just automatically turn on and off as necessary.

Automating the home security system protects from night prowlers and thieves, preventing them entry into the home without warning.


Large residential, retail and office buildings are the face of economic growth and development today and house a large segment of the urban population. Such setups require huge air-conditioning and ventilation systems that are run by centralized cooling plants. The cooling energy is a centralized resource but is generally shared by a number of occupants in the building. It is understood that they have diverse patterns of usageand so it becomes important to monitor and measure cooling energy with the help of fool proof BTU metering and automated meter reading systems. By providing these we facilitatedevelopers to measure & bill occupants accurately as per their individual energy usage and to recover the costs of generating and distributing the same in a fair manner to all parties involved.